Massive Hemorrhage

TacMed Solutions is one of the world's leading developers and suppliers of products designed for hemorrhage control. This company was founded on a hemorrhage control product: the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet. The tourniquet is now one of only two windlass tourniquets approved by the Department of Defense, one of two tourniquets approved by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and the tourniquet of choice for the American Red Cross. When purchasing approved tourniquets, look for the conical end caps on the windlass handle to distinguish the SOF® Tourniquet from the competition. Our hemorrhage control product offerings have expanded to some of the best trauma bandages on the market, including the OLAES® Modular Bandage and BLAST® Bandage. In addition to our hemorrhage control bandage, we also offer a variety of hemostatic agents, gauze, tourniquet carriers, and other bleeding control products as well.

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