SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide - New Buckle


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Product Number: SOFTT-W new

Government/Law Enforcement Discounts Available See details.

Product Description

Here at TacMed, we are continuously searching for ways to improve and evolve our products. We are excited to release the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide with its new quick-compression technology buckle. Designed with customer feedback in mind, the new buckle improves the tourniquet’s functionality and overall application time while maintaining its superior reliability.

Features include:

  • Smoother buckle manipulation
  • Easier one-handed application
  • Faster application time
  • Increased durability
    • (Yes, we found a way to make it even stronger.)

*** To purchase the SOF®TT-W in Rescue Orange, click here. ***

US PATENT-8,303,620 and D649,642 and 7,776,064

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