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International kit orders will ship without gloves due to government restrictions. we apologize for any inconvenience. All domestic kit orders are shipping with blue nitrile gloves due to a worldwide shortage in other gloves.

The TacMed™ Assault Medic Bag (AMED) is ideally suited to work as an assault aid-bag, vehicle bag, or combat lifesaver bag. The AMED can be worn as a backpack, hung as a panel, or slung over a shoulder like a messenger bag. All critical intervention items can be loaded in the top flap of the bag for immediate access. The second main compartment is designed to hold items required for additional treatments and casualty packaging, and the rear sleeve is designed to contain triage and casualty marking materials. The front sleeve section is perfect for splints or other items. The bag is designed to provide one of the most compact, comprehensive treatment kits available. 

It offers a completely customizable interior, multiple methods of wear, and the ability to scale the pack size up or down depending on mission requirements. 

The interior of the main pack is fully coated with loop-tape allowing the end user to arrange the included pouches in a configuration that meets their needs. The sets included are: 
  • 3 zippered pouches with clear PVC window 
  • 3 zippered mesh pouches

The Assault Medic Bag is available for standalone purchase here.

  • 4x SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4
  • 2x OLAES® Modular Bandage (4")
  • 1x BLAST® Bandage
  • 2x QuikClot Combat Gauze LE
  • 3x Control Wrap (4")
  • 2x Compressed Gauze
  • 2x Sponge Gauze (2 per pack, sterile)
  • 1x 7.25" Trauma Shears
  • 2x Halo Chest Seal (2 per pack, nonvented)
  • 2x Nasopharyngeal Airway 28FR
  • 2x Surgilube (sterile lubricant jelly)
  • 8x 14GA 3.25" Decompression Needle (TPAK)
  • 2x Redi Splint
  • 4x Green Triangular Bandage (cravat)
  • 1x Finger Pulse Oximeter Kit
  • 1x TacMed™ Emergency Bivvy
  • 2x TacMed™ Combat Casualty Card
  • 1x Sharpie (black)
  • 4PR Blackmaxx Gloves (size XL)
  • 1x STORM Headlamp

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