Years ago, the term first responder only applied to law enforcement officers, fire rescue personnel, and emergency medical professionals. Recent events have shown us that the term first responder also includes bystanders, involved participants, and concerned citizens who happen to be present. Here at TacMed™ Solutions, we understand that being an untrained provider doesn't diminish the first responder's willingness to help those in need. TacMed™ brings proven life-saving medical gear and instructions together so that anyone can become a first responder.

Tactical Medical Solutions® supports the "Stop the Bleed" national campaign aimed at empowering bystanders and civilians to act quickly in an emergency situation. Stop the Bleed focuses on the following treatments: 1) the application of steady pressure to a bleeding site, and 2) the application of a tourniquet should the bleeding continue after compression. For more information on the Stop the Bleed campaign, visit their website here:

Tactical Medical Solutions® further supports the Stop the Bleed initiative by providing a complete solution to getting the necessary gear into the public's hands with the TacMed™ Emergency Trauma Station. The Emergency Trauma Station is a red TRAUMA bag in a wall-mounted cabinet containing 7 throw kits. These throw kits include OLAES® Modular Bandages, which can be used as pressure dressings, and SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wides, which are used to control severe bleeding. The cabinet is alarmed, low-profile, and can be hard-wired in to a building's existing alarm system so that others can be notified in the event of an emergency. It is ideally suited for high-traffic areas and readily available for public access. Learn more about the Emergency Trauma Station.