Phantom® Personal Haul Kit

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The design and development of Rescue Craft's Phantom® Personal Haul Kit (PPHK) spans multiple years, continually testing and evaluating each component's ruggedness and efficiency in a full spectrum of environments and conditions. The end result was to produce a 4:1/5:1 piggyback mechanical advantage system. The kit performs at the highest possible efficiency and safety while still staying small and lightweight enough for the individual rescuer to be able to throw in a pack, pocket, or on a gear loop of a harness. The simplicity of the kit makes it effective for a variety of end users, not just the professional rescuer; Initial training and sustainment can be completed with minimal in-house effort. 

The core design of the PPHK is to facilitate a rapid piggyback haul capability to the individual or small team, but its capabilities expand with the rescuer's expertise level. Capabilities include: 
  • Rapid "piggyback" mechanical advantage (MA) 
  • Immediate 4:1 or 5:1 MA 
  • Quick & efficient tool for knot passing 
  • Solo & team pick-offs 
  • Adjustable high-angle litter attendant tether 
  • Pre-tensioned back ties 
  • Adjustable high directionals 
  • Adjustable change of direction anchor 
  • 1x Carrier (Operator IFAK XL) 
  • 1x 30' 6mm 100% Aramid High-Strength Specialty Cord 
  • 1x 48" Sewn Nylon Anchor 
  • 2x Oval Auto-Lock Aluminum 7075 Carabiner 
  • 1x Oval Auto-Lock Aluminum 7075 Carabiner w/ Wire Eye 
  • 1x HMS Auto-Lock Aluminum 7075 Carabiner w/ Wire Eye 
  • 2x Rope Grab (one for attaching to main line, one for main line progressive capture) 
  • 1x Double High-Efficiency Pulley w/ Swivel 
  • 1x Double High-Efficiency Pulley w/ Cam 
  • 1x 6mm Screw Link (Rapide) 
  • 1x Web Dominator Clip 
  • 1x Riggers Rubber Band
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