Ghosting Anchor Toggle Kit

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Anchor ghosting has been around for some time in the vertical world. This differs from what climbers often do when rappelling down a pitch on a double strand, rigging through a bolt anchor, then just pulling one end to recover their rope. Anchor ghosting refers to an anchor system that is retrievable, meaning that no portion of the anchor (webbing, rapides, carabiners, etc..) is left behind. In some anchor systems, as in the toggle technique, a releasable hitch is what facilitates the retrieval of the anchor.

The technique for using a toggle to make an anchor system retrievable dates back to old-school climbers using a piton tied to an accessory cord. The toggle has evolved over the years and has become the "go-to" technique for retrievable anchors over many of the retrievable/releasable sling techniques. This popularity is founded firmly in the vertical discipline of canyoneering. The gained preference for the toggle is due to its simplicity and reliability. The simplicity is due to the ease and speed of it using a Mariner Spike Hitch, which is easy to tie, while the reliability is a result of the rope falling with just the end trailing and not a bight, like the CEM and macrame, which creates a significant snag potential.

The Rescue Craft™ Ghosting Anchor Toggle, or GAT, is a single piece of polycarbonate in a proprietary shape. The shape is designed and used to reduce the amount of gear needed to perform a safe and simple retrievable/releasable system. In addition, the arrow shape assists the user in being mindful when placing the pull line to avoid terrain in which it could get stuck or entangled. The polycarbonate plastic was chosen due to the properties exhibited under the environmental factors it will be used in. It's strong, flexible under large loads, and has the shock absorption needed to withstand just about any drop. The GAT is typically utilized in conjunction with a Marlin Spike Hitch (also referred to as an upward overhand Stein) to achieve a smooth pull, allowing the anchor to be ghosted.

  • Can be used in water with floatation disc
  • Can attach IR or stand chem light
  • Minimizes hardware to "safe" due to arrow design
  • Faster to rig than most any other anchor
  • Adaptable to almost any natural or man-made feature
  • Lightweight
  • No need for webbing
  • Rope grooves are virtually eliminated
  • Anchors can be well back from the edge of the rappel
  • Anchors can be over edges and around corners
  • Tail can be used for contingency use
Kit Components:
  • 1x GAT (Ghosting Anchor Toggle)
  • 1x Floatation Gasket
  • 1x 3mm GloCord (100M, red)
  • 1x Rubber Band

Patent pending.

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