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Faqs - Emergency Medical Questions

Does Tac Med have a discount for LE/ Gov?

Yes! We are grateful for all that our countries Law Enforcement and Government Agencies do to protect our way of life. The discount varies by item so please contact us for pricing. We apply this discount to a few other categories. If you think it may apply to you, just give us a call.


Both versions of the SOF Tactical Tourniquet have a reputation of quality, value, and effectiveness. A significant benefit to the SOF is that the materials and construction allow you to train with it and place it back in your kit for real world use. Keep in mind that repeated uses with effect the tourniquet and individual judgment should be used when deciding if it's time to replace your tourniquet. Due to the significant amount of stress put on the windlass during application, the ruggedness and reliability of the material is paramount. Because the windlass on both SOFTTs is aircraft grade aluminum, there is no need to worry about it breaking.

What are the major differences between the NH and Wide versions of the SOF Tactical Tourniquet?

This is a common question. There are two major differences. The first difference is the width of the constricting band. The wide version has a 1.5" constricting band whereas the NH has a 1" constricting band. The Wide is the only windlass style tourniquet that has a true 1.5" constricting band. The second difference is that the Wide has a quick attach buckle. The days of un-feeding and re-feeding the constricting band through a buckle are gone. Also, the wide is smaller and 25% lighter!

My department/ agency requires that we T & E a product prior to purchasing. Does TMS have a T & E program?

We wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first and your department shouldn't have to make large purchases without trying the equipment out first. Contact us for details about our T&E programs.

Do I need to have a vented chest seal?

This question can be answered with a question. Is it in your scope of practice to use a catheter or another means to decompress someone's chest? If the answer is no, consider a vented seal. This is the easiest answer and is a general guideline to go by. Consult with the individual or institution that governs your medical protocols for better guidance.

Is there truth to the idea that applying a tourniquet can cause someone to lose a limb?

Generally, no. The myth of one automatically losing a limb secondary to a tourniquet being applied has been shown to be false. Research has proven that a tourniquet applied to limb for the so called "safe time" of less than two hours does not increase morbidity. Though research from overseas conflicts suggest that tourniquets times of more than two hours may cause secondary complications (e.g., palsy), these issues occur in negligible number of patients. For more information, see Kragh et al, "Practical Use of Emergency Tourniquets to Stop Bleeding in Major Limb Trauma," in The Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care.

I'm serving overseas. Does TMS ship to APOs?


What are the different ways I can purchase products from TMS?

You can purchase on our website, over the phone, through DAPA, GSA, and a great many retailers, resellers, and distributors. If the only way you can get your order here is by carrier pigeon, that's fine too. The bottom line is that we want you to have the best equipment available. Just consider what the pigeon will have to carry back!

Can I use the videos on your website for classes I teach?

Please do! One of our primary goals is to ensure that our customers know how to use our equipment as well as perform a number of other tasks. If there is a video that you would like to see on the site, let us know. We can't make any promises that it will ever make its way there, but if you receive enough requests for the same thing, we'll get it up there.

Does TMS do custom kits or am I limited to what's on your website?

"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black". Henry Ford was a great man, but in this case we don't agree with him. Your kit should reflect your needs and abilities. For custom kitting, contact us by phone or email.

I sell tactical and medical products online or in my retail store. Is it possible to purchase TMS products at a wholesale level?

You sure can. An application and verification is required. Contact us for details.

Is there a discount for ordering in higher quantities?

This is a common question. Because we came from where you might just be right now, we know what it's like to be issued one piece of equipment and have to go out and spend our own money to purchase what we really needed. With this in mind, we offer our customers the best pricing we can, upfront. A quantity discount does apply to some items. This is another one you'll have to contact us for.