About TacMed

Tactical Medical Solutions® is a global leading developer and manufacturer of pre-hospital medical gear for the tactical and civilian world. We were founded in 2003 by a Special Forces medic who created the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet. Our tourniquet is one of the original tourniquets approved for use by the Department of Defense, approved for use by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and is the tourniquet of choice for the American Red Cross. While our original purpose was supporting the military, environments changed and TacMed progressed in to servicing law enforcement, fire, EMS, rescue, and now even civilians. As a result, our product line has expanded greatly and is constantly evolving.

We currently have over 2,000 products available and a presence in 70 countries around the world. Here at home, we service 7 of the top 10 police departments, including the NYPD and LAPD, as well as major fire and EMS agencies. Seeing a need to increase casualty management capabilities for our customers, we created the brand Rescue Craft, which combines casualty care and rescue into safe and simple equipment for rescue personnel. We also service civilian audiences such as all municipal buildings in the city of Dallas, professional sports stadiums including the Miami Dolphins and Washington Wizards and Capitals, Marriott hotels, churches, and public and private schools across the country through Tramedic®, our line of trauma kits developed for the everyday citizen. In addition to providing all of these customers equipment designed specifically for them, we provide kit customization and a complete knowledge management system that offers education and training to match.

We want our customers to have better than we had. TacMed was founded on experience that is used to improve existing products and develop new ones. We have various backgrounds within the company ranging from military to law enforcement to fire, rescue, and medical sales, and that knowledge and experience permeates in to our products. We strive to be a true partner with all of our customers, no matter how big or small, by providing high-quality comprehensive solutions that work best for them. We're proud to say that when customers think of TacMed, they think uncompromising - uncompromising commitment to delivering top-quality product, tactical knowledge, customized training, and reliability in the field. In critical moments, when uncertainty abounds, TacMed product is the one sure thing.

Tactical Medical Solutions, LLC
Because your equipment shouldn’t be a compromise.