TacMed™ Patrol Trauma Response Pouch

Whether you are a law enforcement officer on patrol or an EMS ...


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TacMed™ Tactical EMS Pouch

We know that for many of you medicine is only half of ...


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TacMed™ Emergency Trauma Station

The TacMed™ Emergency Trauma Station brings proven life-saving medical supplies and instructions ...


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TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit - 2nd Generation

The TacMed™ Uniformed Medical Kit (UMK) 2nd Generation builds upon the success ...


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Patrol Rifle Response Kit

As today’s law enforcement community continues to increase preparedness towards critical incident ...


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TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit

The TacMed™ Field Blood Transfusion Kit provides the medic with a compact, ...


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TacMed™ Assault Medic Bag

The TacMed™ Assault Medic Bag (AMED) is ideally suited to work as ...


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TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit

The TacMed™ K9 Handler Trauma Kit provides the K9 Team with the ...


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TacMed™ Pocket Medical Kit

The TacMed™ Pocket Medical Kit provides the individual law enforcement officer or ...


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TacMed™ ARK™ Casualty Throw Kit

The TacMed™ ARK™ Casualty Throw Kits contain basic treatment material and bi-lingual ...


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TacMed™ Adaptive First Aid Kit

The TacMed™ Adaptive First Aid Kit, or AFAK, is a compact kit ...


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TacMed™ Drop Leg Pouch

The TacMed™ Convertible Drop Leg Pouch provides the medic/operator with maximum flexibility ...


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TacMed™ ARK (Active Shooter Response Kit)

The contents of the TacMed™ ARK are designed to reduce the size ...


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TacMed™ Any Mission Pack

The TacMed™ Any Mission Pack, or AMP, offers a completely customizable interior, ...


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TacMed™ Ankle Medical Kit

The TacMed™ Ankle Medical Kit provides you with the basic equipment needed ...


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TacMed™ LAPD Kit

Designed to the specifications of the Los Angeles Police Department, the TacMed™ ...


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TacMed™ ARK Evacuation Kit

The TacMed ARK™ Evacuation Kit provides the necessary equipment for aid and ...


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TacMed™ Ballistic Response Pack

The TacMed™ Ballistic Response Pack contains the components necessary for a first ...


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TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag

The TacMed™ Warm Zone Bag is designed for quick and efficient treatment ...


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TacMed™ Downed Officer Kit

The TacMed™ DOK is a compact kit that contains the items essential ...


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TacMed™ Solutions Operator IFAK

The TacMed™ Solutions Operator IFAK is a compact kit that provides the ...


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TacMed™ R-AID Bag

Stocked to provide life-saving treatment to multiple casualties, the TacMed™ R-AID bag ...


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TacMed™ Surgical Set

The TacMed™ Surgical Set is a requirements-based product designed specifically to meet ...


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TacMed™ Tourniquet Ankle Holster

Storage of essential equipment is a challenge for patrol officers or individuals ...


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DHS Emergency Medical Responder Kit

TacMed™ Department of Homeland Security Emergency Medical Responder Kit


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DHS Comprehensive Medical Response Kit

TacMed™ Department of Homeland Security Comprehensive Medical Response Kit


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DHS Medical Trauma Response Kit

TacMed™ Department of Homeland Security Medical Trauma Response Kit


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